Manus VR - Xsens Edition

Full-body mocap was never easier. Use the Manus VR Gloves

seamlessly with Xsens MVN.

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Included in the Xsens Edition

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The Developer Edition contains:

  • One pair of Manus VR Gloves

  • One pair of HTC Vive Tracker Straps

  • Long-range wireless dongle

  • Two Micro-USB charging cables

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Apollo Xsens features: 

  • An intuitive dashboard for adjusting glove and dongle settings

  • A 3D hand viewer for inspecting your virtual hands

  • A quick and easy calibration procedure (get started in under a minute)

  • Stream glove data directly into MVN

  • Use MVN with plugins for Unity and more

  • Supportfor up to four pairs of gloves on a PC

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The Developer Edition comes with the following support:

  • Ticket service:  Do you have any questions about your product? Our customer support team will be happy to help you out. With our ticket service we strive to answer you within 48 hours.

  • Warranty: The Manus VR DK2 comes with six months of warranty. This is a limited warranty, please read our terms & conditions .

  • Documentation:  Every hardware and software solution we offer comes with standard documentation.

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