Full service and low cost VR training solutions.

We deliver a complete VR training solution including free Manus VR Gloves.

Why VR training?

Virtual Reality is changing the way we work. The VR-revolution creates an unlimited amount of oportunities for companies to evolve their work environment. Virtual Reality is perfect for:

  • Creating more efficient, memorable and controllable training scenarios

  • Lowering costs by simulating expensive equipment and machinery

  • Eleminating risks in hazardous situations

  • Easily gathering data and measuring results

Manus VR aims to make the virtual experience the ultimate user friendly and realistic experience, bridging the gap with the physical world. 

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Our promise: full service, guaranteed quality

Manus VR Studio offers a full service package. 

  • Tailor made VR training with perfectly integrated Manus VR Gloves

  • Possibility to arrange the full hardware solution, including HMDs, tracking system and VR-ready computers

  • On site workshop on how to use your custom training system

  • Premium support by our team of developers

  • Complimentary Manus VR Gloves included*

    *number of pairs depending on the size of the project

Special features in our VR training

Manus VR Studio creates tailor made solutions with distinctive features that bring the training to a new level. Available solutions:

  • Full finger and hand tracking

  • Full body tracking

  • Physics based VR environment

  • Mixed reality with physical props made possible

  • Low effort set up with easy-to-use interface

  • Multiplayer with in-game communication

  • Easy reviewing of trainees

  • Spectator mode

  • Source code available on request

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We are Manus, experts in VR

Manus VR has been a pioneer in the VR-scene since 2014. With the development of the Manus VR Gloves, the company made name for itself internationally by setting the standard for hand- and finger tracking. 

Our experienced team of developers has years of knowledge in Virtual Reality, making them true VR-experts. 


Your ideas in the virtual world

Creating a VR training doesn't have to be a hassle. Manus VR Studio will guide you through an easy process, covering all key aspects for a successful project.

We help you produce a high end VR training.
Low effort for you, with high quality guaranteed.

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